By gabi

Hey people!

The English version here 😛 Well, to start off I’m Carol; the daughter; and I’ll be writing with my mom (sometimes). Right now I tried to get her to go to the gym, but she’s being lazy:[ Than she wonders HOW she’s going to lose weight, SHE DOESN’T FOCUS!!!! I’m going to try to lose some pounds with her in 6 months.

So anyways, we’re going to workout at the house, we have a treadmill and some wright, GRRR. I WANTED TO GO TO THE GYM!!!! I love that place, it takes my stress off. Even thought mom says that I don’t need to lose weight, I still think its necessary, I mean I’m 5″3 and 135lbs. Now, you tell me !? I really need to start eating right though, I like eating “healthy junk” which seems to be healthy, but not really. I like fruits not veggies. And I stopped liking french fries (WOOOOT!) I LOVE cereal bars, OMG, I can’t live without it. Nut,raisins,mmm,yogurt,I even like frozen yogurt more than ice cream, juices,I do not like soda. But my problem is that I eat too much. I’ve been trying to lose weight since December of 2007, but instead I gained 5lbs ( I used to be 130lbs)

Okay I’m gonna go exercise now. Talk-To-You-Laterssss 😉


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